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I went to see this movie last night @ the River East AMC

and I LOVE IT! So intense! Made me proud to be a Chicago cyclist. Also made me wish i had the balls to be a Messenger like that.

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I heard good things about it too when I was there (I watched the bikes so I didn't go in and see the movie yet).  The messengers also said they really like it.   Thanks for reminding me to see it!

I saw it last Saturday.  Great fun.  Amazing stunt riding.  Excellent use of NYC locations.  Bits of humor, too.  I found it thoroughly entertaining.  Thumbs up!

I've seen it TWICE now already.  Once with the premier nite ride (that was great, got the promo metal water bottles), and once yesterday with other friends.  Nearly non-stop bike porn action.  Fixed/geared and brakes/not are plot cruxes but interestingly everyone wore helmets.  It's no Terminator 2, but is maybe a smidge better than QuickSilver.

I got that bottle at CMWC its not to bad makes for a great flask.  yes was a pretty good movie overall you can pretty much turn off brain and soak in the bike porn.


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