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I am just curious - If you were building/buying/riding a bike, how many brakes would you want on it and in front or back or both?

- Fixed Gear
- Single Speed (SS)
- Fixed Gear/SS (Flip Fop hub)
- Geared Road
- Geared Mountain

ALSO- Front Brake, Right or Left

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single speed
2 brakes.

I am no where near good enough to safely ride a fg in traffic.
Single speed- front brake on the left
Geared Roadie...Powerful double pivot brakes both front and rear, w/ Kool Stop Salmon Pads...Right lever controlling my rear.

All bikes that see the road fixed & free: fore & aft brakes, with one exception fixed w/front brake only.

i seldom hit the rear brake... haven't gone endo yet using front only 40+ years and counting.

Right/front. Check out the late great Sheldon Brown's article on the Harris cycles site about front braking...

Brakeless fixed is for the track. Period.

Good on you if you feel confident enough to do brakeless in traffic, but i prefer to maximise my chances...



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