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The crash is bad enough but the officer's response (or lack thereof) followed by the driver's celebration is just shocking.  Anyway, please help us ID the driver if you can.  Thank you!

Update: Driver came forward this morning. (9/16/16)

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That's so good to hear. Thanks for letting us know. 

Nice work!

UGH! I don't live in Chicago any longer but I still follow The Chainlink.

That driver and the CPD officer must both be brought to book.

I look forward to positive updates in the near future.

Glad the driver came forward.

I'm thinking of carrying a copy of the opening-the-door-into-traffic verbiage with me whenever I go biking in the street now, just so I have a backup.

I didn't see this mentioned in any of the posts, so if I missed it, I apologize, but...nowadays a lot of people have smart phones. I'm guessing that the biker might have been a bit too shaken to think of, say, taking a picture of the license plate (then again, this video is so edited that it might have happened), but I didn't see the witness doing that either...

I don't know the specifics of the law, but I would guess that it would be possible to sue the police department for not reporting an accident. If civilians can be charged with a misdemeanor and $2500 for not reporting an accident, can't the law hold the police accountable too?

Ouch! Hard to look at. Reminiscent of what happened to me years ago and a police did nothing except call the ambulance. This is wrong but we have come a long way. The streets are so much safer than they ever used to be but we all have to be careful. The driver is wrong and we need to make sure we don't ride too close to the doors if parked cars.

I hope the cyclist is ok.

Surely the police can identify the driver. How is this not possible?

BTW, to my best knowledge there is a $1,000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS) fine on the motorist for "Open Door in Traffic".


EDIT: I see the driver was identified. I hope she was fined. Too bad the other "celebrants" are out of reach. Maybe they can be made to feel at least a touch of remorse.

I think it's still an uphill battle as they have to go after the officer for not writing the ticket (and not doing a damn thing to get information from the driver) in the first place and the result of that will likely be the fine.


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