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Not about pedestrians, not about motorists, just about our fellow cyclists. We are all so different that stuff is bound to frustrate when we approach riding in such different ways, explain to those we think are less experienced, etc. Ok, tell us your stories, tell us your pet peeves, we're all friends! 

I'll start out with a pet peeve of mine... The cyclist that blows past me so close to me I felt the wind of their SWOOOOOSH as they fly past me but they say nothing to warn me. We're in tight quarters in the bike lane. Buy a bell and/or tell me you are there! 

p.s. sure, your pet peeve may be the forum post that's been done before but I kinda feel like this tucks into other topics so this time I'm giving the pedal pet peeve front and center.

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you should change your name to Merry

I DO have a license plate on my bike, actually.

What issue will license plates solve?

Same issues that license plates solve for cars: they make the vehicles trackable and ergo The Man can hunt you down!

Is this satire?

Mary, no one is asking to get hit.  Perhaps the reason they are passing you on the left side of your car is because you stopped too close to the right and they can't squeeze by.  It happens all the time.  Cars pass you by and then pull over to the right forcing the bike to go around to the left.

If shoaling is the act of jumping out front after every stop only to slow down and be a rate limiter, that's most annoying, and maybe most common of my peeves. Highest on my list of cyclist infractions may be the wrong way rider on a one way route. Although it's legal in IL to ride sans helmet, I judge that to mean one of two things-- Either 'I've already had a major head injury so there's no sense protecting my gourd any longer' or 'My coiff looks so sweet just flowing in this breeze that it's worth the risk.' In either case, your choice, but I choose to brand you as an amateur. The megalux lightbearer i also find annoying, moreso than the stealth ninja because I figure the ninja might just not have the funds. Buzz Lightyear pays extra for that torch though so I feel he's waaay worse. Perhaps worst though overall are the authority figures that feign compliance with the safe bike path concept but fail to do their part (CPD officers that fail to call infractions when they are obvious, whether by cyclist, business owner, pedestrian or vehicle operator, i.e. construction managers that block off paths with no detour, City officials that Ignore it,...).
Still, with all of my peeves even the most painful of cycling commutes beats the green limousine (CTA).

Cyclists who pass you and then move in without looking to see if it's safe.  I've almost had my front wheel clipped several times by lazy/thoughtless/stupid cyclists.

Another cyclist crashed into me this morning as I was stopped at a red light. He passed a stopped car on the left and then pulled all the way to the right without looking. Dude was immediately super-apologetic, so I forgave him.  I'm less forgiving when cars and busses do the same.

Ooh...sidewalk riders. I'm okay with cyclists just using a tiny portion of the sidewalk as sort of a transitional point (like the ten feet or so from Victoria Ave. to Ardmore on Broadway, as a way to head toward LFT) providing there are no pedestrians in the way, but...sidewalks are narrow, man! Heart conditions run in my family, and last thing I need is a heart attack caused by someone buzzing me when I'm on the damn sidewalk!

Heh...once when I was at Silvie's on Irving Park I had to run out and grab an amplifier. I opened the door to Silvies, and....*smash* door went right into some jerk riding by on a bike. Landed on his butt in a planter. No helmet, either. I scoleded him for riding on the sidewalk, and on top of that for doing something so careless and not wearing a helmet. He winced in pain for a few seconds, said "I'm OK!" and got back on his bike and sped off, this time not on the sidewalk.

It's for pedestrians' safety and your own. (And for God's sake, man....stay away from Irving Park Road! One of the least bike friendly streets in the city!)

Helmet Nazis, the people who feel compelled to shame the helmetless, often loudly in public.

If someone chooses to not wear a helmet, that's their own lookout. Not my choice, but to each his/her own.

My commute to work is about 15 miles, if I said "on your left" to each cyclist I passed I would be too hoarse to swear all day at work. I try to overtake with as much distance between us as possible, and try not to cut back in front directly after passing. Unless I am trying to prove a point to people who ride or run in the center of the bike path.


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