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Yesterday after work was a good ride - instead of heading north to Rodgers Park, I decided to head south to La Rabida Children's Hospital (special hospital for kids with rabies).


Of course, heading north on Dearborn, I met the typical shoaler guy, the Divvy shoaler ladies, the guy in the superdooper Marty McFly skateboard, and innatentive drivers.


Made it to Oak St. Beach, and right there and there is where I decided to head south because the day before, I almost ran over two toddlers north of North Ave. Beach on the bike lane. Their mom was blowing bubbles on the grass, and these two kids just ran into bicycle traffic... I yelled a demonic and deranged "NOOOOO!!!!" and "STOOOOOP!" and they stopped immediately - I glanced over at their mom with my angry Bert unibrow, and shook my head.


Back to Wednesday - through the menagerie of pedestrians, chariot bikes (those giant threewheelers for hire, other cyclists, pogosticks, Segways, and Taste of Chicago patrons, I made it safely to the Museum Campus area... and kept on riding to La Rabida. Weather was perfect!


Stopped at the cul-de-sac there to take in the views, and to look at the greenish Lake Michigan water (looked very inviting by the way), and had the dinner for winners. Not peperoni, but the trusty can of sardines. Sardines that were once swimming in the deep blue sea, caught by a ship's net. Packaged in a can, and then, as if a video camera was inside in its darkness, looking from its point of view... opened by yours truely and consumed.


As I ate, I pondered... I have to ride back up north to the South Loop, where I live. I have to go home to my significant others, the dogs, and the grumpy 21 year old cat. I have to take off this stinky roadie kit I am wearing and toss it in the washing machine, because I am sweating so much, and there's laundry to be done anyway. I have to put on my footsie pajamas, gargle some ranch dressing and drink a shot of tequila (my shot of tequila is an on-the-rocks glass). And it goes on... Then I have to practice my moves, and watch some Voltron on Netflix. I have to take out the recycling stuff to the garage, then get the fat bike from the basement and haul it to the 3rd floor, so I can cannibalize parts that will go on the next fat bike project I am working on. I have to clean the bike room and I have to feed the fish! Do I need to finish homework? Hell no! I've been out of homework school since 1991! Two years before Jurassic Park hit theaters!


Why pepperoni? Because after the Chicago Triathlon, I will probably eat an entore 12" pepperoni pizza all by myself. I've been restricting calories and riding the bicycle much more than usual. I am doing a century ride this Saturday morning - up north, then all around through the Old School Forest Preserve, then back home. Why? Because riding bicycles is life.

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ha! I love it. No crackers with your sardines? 

I've been cutting out my afternoon "fun size" chocolate and chips for the last 3+ weeks so I feel your pepperoni pain. 

No crackers, sorry. Just plain fork and at the end, grossing out the people next to me by slurping the juice form the can. 

Chips... the stomach growls. Relegating myself to a kale salad. 

" the guy in the superdooper Marty McFly skateboard" - lol

Love that the best way to orient someone on 1991 is "two years before Jurassic Park came out." LOL.

Great post. :)

ha! there's people I've met who think the 1st Jurassic Park came out in 2011. 

Like the Onion article about the fifth grader trying to remember what year 9/11 happened. "I know it was a LONG time maybe 2011? No, that's too obvious..."

Actually, try some Sürmstromming from Sweden.  Nicely fermented herring due to a low salt brineing solution.  Due to strong odor not suggested for indoor consumption.  Available for a few months after the annual canning season, so if out of stock, check back every few months.  Tastes OK.

I'll look them up next time. I am getting some standard sardines for tomorrow's century for a late breakfast half way. 

Or lutefisk on lefse...

Or find a durian fruit and you'll have miles of privacy for your meal...

Surströmming : Fermented Swedish herring.

There are a few videos that you don't want to see. Ö

Where are those cans of chicken luncheon loaf sold? 

How was your century Ernesto? 

On yesterday's century ride...


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