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Passenger of SUV blocking bike lane throws liquid on cyclists

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"I stopped in front of the vehicle to take a picture of the lady blocking the bike lane. I noticed afterwards that the that I caught the attacker in the picture. He is to the right of the car in the blue jacket. This was right out of OTC on Clinton, about 200 ft from the station. He got in my face about taking pictures of his girl's car. I told her that she was in the bike lane. He continued to escalate, and here are some pictures of him.After a few choice words, they drove out of the bike lane and proceeded down the road. The light at madison was red and as I got to that light, this guy was waiting there and threw what I hope was orange juice all over me. At this point, I ran after him and he ran back into this car. I stood in front of the car to try and hold them there until someone could come on the scene, and the woman started driving, trying to run me over. I got hit by their car and went rolling, and had some road rash on my knee and I tore my jacket. Here is the video of the fluid being thrown on me. The video was taken by another rider, who told me that she has a helmet cam because she had been chased down the road previously. I made a police report and a detective reached out to me about 2 weeks later. I gave him all of this and they still do not know who this was or who the woman was. "

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Amen, the CPD needs to step up their game.

You're lucky that they weren't packing heat!

Wow.  "These people" and assuming "packing heat."  I see that our indignation over disparate treatment as cyclists doesn't extend to, say, race.

Race isn't in it. i fear the same from ANYONE who acted so and yes, i've had a pistol brandished at me by a driver. This country is gun-crazy.



Yes, to both of you.


Don't feed the troll.

Cooper, why be a 'silent counsel' when you can share your legal knowledge and advice with members here, instead of casually accusing them of something inappropriate? Otherwise, why even bother? 

Tom, didnt you just casually accuse me of spreading disinformation on that other thread? With about the same amount of substantiation as what you're complaining of here?

I do agree that people should elaborate and support their thesis if they're going to throw around inflammatory allegations and jump to character attacks.

It's not that I can "prove it," or that there's some legal standard that makes someone racist.  If you think it's OK to refer to African-Americans as "these people" and assume they are "packing heat," and that you can "prove" that's it's not racist by offering some post-hoc reason, then you do you.  "I promise, when he stopped, I really thought that Hyman Rosenstock was picking up a penny!!!  I didn't mean to be offensive!!"  "No, lots of people have cameras these days.  I didn't mean to be racist when I said the japanese guy was probably taking pictures!  Lots of people take pictures - I've seen people with cameras all over chicago!!"

Or, just end the discussion by calling me a troll.  That works too.

Yeah, I'm a lawyer, but I'm also a human being.  Again, do what ya gotta do.  

EDIT:  After typing all this, I noticed Mike's comment later that "sometimes stereotypes are the product of observation."  You couldn't find a more hackneyed defense of racism if you tried.  So, that pretty much settles it for me.  


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