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My wife is in need of a pannier that can be mounted horizontally (or mounted vertically but carried horizontally) to carry legal files.  We share a set of Ortlieb back rollers but they are a pain in the ass to carry around.  Anyone use anything wide enough to cover legal files?

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Ortlieb makes an Office bag that is designed for, well, office-y type stuff. It has a laptop sleeve, little pockets, a divider, etc. I'm not sure how long legal files are, but I have one that you are welcome to look at if you like.

We might take you up on the offer.  My wife thinks they are 17 inches..but that is an estimate.

Used to have a medium size Ortlieb office bag, which was indestructible. One advantage was that it has insert on all sides so it keeps it shape very well. I am not sure if the medium size fits legal papers, which measure is 8.5 by 14 inches.

They also make a large size. Sizing info seems a little confusing on their website, so you may want to email them.


I will try to remember to measure it when I get home tonight. Mine is a large, so the info in the link above may give you a good first-order idea. I live in Avondale.

Thanks David.  

Does Maria at Po Campo have one?

Yes! Our new Humboldt Messenger has pannier clips and accommodates up to a 15" laptop or legal files. Here's a photo of a happy customer with hers and you can buy it here:

Use code Pocampo15 for a 15% discount!


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