Thanks for voting!! Here's Steve's recap on the vote and what that will mean for Palos trails. Good stuff!

GRATEFUL – Thank you one and all for pushing our trail project in Palos to 2nd place in the American Hiking Society/Michelob Ultra Extra Mile contest, earning Trails for Illinois $24,600 for trail work in the Palos "triangle" in Spring 2017.

Voting closed November 26, leaving us just .6% in total votes behind the mighty Ozark Trail Association and its epic, bucket-list worthy Ozark Trail. The OTA is yet another organization of volunteer trail stewards that we, with Illinois Trail Corps, are trying to emulate to do the same things for Illinois that they do for Missouri: create amazing natural experiences, quality of life opportunities, and tourism development for the people who live and who visit here. Our hard hats off to OTA!

For winning 2nd place, American Hiking Society & Michelob ULTRA will donate $24,600 to Trails for Illinois for Palos trail work beginning Spring 2017. We'll spend it all on projects selected in partnership with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers, who almost single handedly are responsible for the world-class running, mountain biking, and hiking experience in the Palos "triangle." 

- Steve Buchtel, Trails for Illinois

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THANK YOU, Yasmeen, for pushing the vote. Can't wait to get to work!


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