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Gotta keep tryin.

There must be other motivating factors which kept people in there cars. A few possibilities come to mind:

  • Distance between home and work. Too great and people can't be enticed out of their cars.
  • Free/cheap parking near work makes the €0.25/km payment not worth it. I live 12.5 miles (about 20km) from work by the shortest route. That would only net me a €5 payment (assuming the payment is per one way). Some of my friends who bike to work live much closer, reducing the potential incentive even more.
  • Didn't account for other factors creating inertia for potential drivers (need to drop kids off at day care, existing car pool, etc)
  • Inertia, inertia, inertia. Even if you want to switch, it takes concerted effort.

I haven't been to Milan before. I do recall visiting Trieste many years ago. The sheer number of people on small scooters/motor bikes was astounding. I find it hard to believe their emissions were well-regulated. If Milan is flooded with such vehicles, perhaps much of the smog isn't caused by cars. (OTOH, roughly 40% of new car sales in Europe are diesels, so perhaps the VW debacle and similar problems by other manufacturers is key to their smog problem.)


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