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Owl-1, Cyclist-0. Owl Sends Cyclist to the Hospital in Wisconsin.

"All I remember was a shade came over my eyes and all of a sudden I am flying through the air," Pronold said. "I just remember something grabbing the corner of my ear and the corner of my cheek."

Pronold did not know an owl had hit him mid-flight. His friends riding behind him saw it all.

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I bet the owl didn't even get a ticket...the cops didn't see it happen.

I think it's more about celebrity privilege with it being a famous owl and all...

I wish we could cry fOWL but the bird ain't.

I liked this part:

Four weeks ago, Pete Pronold was leading a pack of about 30 bikers along Mill Pond Road when, out of nowhere, he was hit by a bird.

Four weeks ago? Was there a failed cover-up?

See above (celebrity owl).

*Cyclists Beware of the Attack Owls* - view attachment below
Ron Eberly will be posting this event soon.


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