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I thought Alderman Osterman had convinced the gym to pick up these eyesores.  I guess not 100%, since I saw two in Andersonville (one locked to a rack near Kopi) tonight.

I wish the gym would respect the neighborhood a little.  It might be good PR.

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ugh. Thanks for letting us know. Do you happen to know the number of the gym so we can call and nicely ask them to stop? I'd be up for making a call tomorrow morning. 

Don't they ever learn? Last week it was Oak Park. 

If they are still there, I will call Osterman's office this morning.

ETA: I counted five this morning. Funny thing is, some of them were defaced with derogatory comments about Orange Theory....
I emailed the aldermans office already. Any other 48th ward resident want to chime in? Email

Here are their "coming soon" locations along with phone numbers if anyone has the time to nicely ask them to stop.

And ... They are gone.


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