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Isn't this the model where the plastic bits that cracked are just a cosmetic case?
Isn't this "normal"? On my Onguard, I purposely broke off the plastic to free up some room for locking and to lose some weight.
Yeah I have one of these which is cracked as well. It doesn't look great but the lock itself still works just fine. I wouldn't worry about it. If some one was up to no good a grinder would make quick work of it regardless of the condition of the plastic.

Thanks for the info. Yeah the lock still works, but water and dirt will get in, and then it won't work. I can just imagine a grain of sand getting into the lock mechanism, when it's on my bike and I have to be somewhere else... For the cost ($30 or so incl. cable), I got a lot of use out of it the last 2.5 years. Purchased Sept. 3, 2008. Just expected more.  A kryptonite U-lock I bought at the same time is working fine (only the plastic sliding lock cover broke off within a few months).


I'll be sending it back to see if I could get it replaced under the "full lifetime warranty" since I'm still alive. In the US of A, they just replace the lock. In the UK, they replace the lock AND refund the postage costs.


Full Lifetime Warranty

"Todson, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser [me] that the OnGuard lock purchased shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the life of the original purchaser. If the product contains a defect in materials or workmanship we will replace it free. Just send the defective lock and your original sales receipt to Todson, Inc. 8 Spring Brook Road, PO Box 637 , Foxboro, MA 02035."

Looks cosmetic to me.


I'd pay 2x more for an OnGuard over giving that krappy krooked kompany Kyrptonite on penny of my hard-earned money.

I have 4 On-Guard locks and they all do it to some extent. They still function fine.

And an occasional drop of WD-40 or your favorite lubricant will prevent the lock from seizing up


Oh, no!  WD-40 is the anti-lubricant ;)
I broke mine off and wrapped the lock in some old bar tape and just try to make sure nothing gets into the keyhole and if it does, drop some Park CL-1 in.

$3.50 at Ace Hardware:


The Right Stuff

Thanks for the suggestions. If they don't honor the warranty (or I can't find the receipt), I'll strip off the plastic and slip body into an old inner tube, cut three holes and tie off the ends of the tube somehow.

I use G96 - it cleans, lubricates, protects from rust. Great stuff also for chain.

FOLLOW UP - mailed the lock back to Todson, Inc. with all keys, receipt, paperwork on Friday - NEW and improved lock arrived less than a week later on Thursday. Very prompt customer service/return policy, and they sent me a cable too (comes with the lock pre-packaged).


NEW lock is manufactured by a different company than old lock - the plastic casing feels much more durable, and it has a cool dust cover - the metal ring rotates to cover the key hole. The dust cover on my krypto lock broke off within a matter of weeks. ONGUARD lock also comes with a really cool, and useful (ie very bright) LED light in one of the keys. Much better than the colored LED light in the krypto keys.


. . . still waiting for refund of my postage but expect that takes more time.

Good news. I've been dilligently covering the keyholes of my Kryptonites and it's made a huge difference.


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