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Obssessive-compulsive cyclist seeks perfect frame, needs help

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a frame or complete bike that is basically like the new Velo-orange pass hunter but with lugs... and front fork mid-blade rack mounts.  Maybe you would categorize it as a randonneur or gravel racer.  I want it to be steel, have lugs, AND a threadless headset, which seem to rule out most vintage bikes, though that would be my ideal combo, vintage lugged and threadless.  I don't have 2000.00 to drop on it either so, that rules out most custom builds. I was hoping there'd be an affordable frame like this that exists somewhere.  id get the pass hunter frame but it doesn't have front mid blade rack mounts or lugs.  :(

It MUST MUST MUST have these things about it:

1. PERFECTLY horizontal top tube... as in:  _____________________

2. "racing style", short chainstay length... I don't want the extra space like touring bikes have between rear wheel and seat tube... BUT with enough room for fenders and fatter tires

Thanks for your kindness and understanding

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I was only aware of it recently but there's the Soma Stanyan.

Does not exist (in your price range).

I think that Soma fork on a vintage Trek frame would fit your needs without breaking your budget. If you don't mind using a threadless adapter or a shim on the stem it will make it easier to meet your needs. Not sure how kludgy you want your setup to be, though. 

fatter tires are also taller tires... so you don't want too short of a chainstay. I'm guessing this is purely an aesthetic decision?  

You can get a threadless headset for 1" and a fork if you search around. A steel bike from the 80's is your best bet.

Im curious to know what you would be willing to pay for one made locally?

Not trying to stir the pot here, but genuinely curious. 

For non-lugged check bikes from: Soma, Surly, Rawland, Rivendell, Velo Orange, Handsome, All City, Box Dog, Boulder Bikes, Ocean Air Cycles.

Not in your price range lugged.

You want to many things that are at odds with each other to get it all in one bike.

Kogswell did made the Model D in 2005. Look for that used...

I would recommend the Box Dog Pelican frame which meets most of your requirements but is not lugged. I'm a little biased though since I just moved from the Bay Area. Great shop and a beautiful, functional frame.

The other Bay Area recommendation is Jitensha Studios in Berkeley. They have an All-Purpose model that may be a good fit for your at $1800.

Good call. I had completely forgotten about the Stanyan. 

I might even consider that, if I can put some 2mm spacers on either side of my 126mm hubs.
Tricolor said:

I was only aware of it recently but there's the Soma Stanyan.

Thank you! 

Lots of things for me to research now.  I saw the Soma Stanyan was formerly the Speedster, so maybe I find one of those used as well.  I'm kind of set on threadless, so I may be saying good bye to any vintage frames, since I don't want to use quill to threadless adapter.

this is a little off; but here goes anyway. I have a Miyata 112 (circa 1986) that has been converted to

(freewheel) singlespeed. Many components original (brakes); with some nice upgrades (cog / chainring (obviously)); rims, saddle; pdeals, and threadless stem and carbon fork.

If you are interested in specs and pictures let me know. It is comparable to a 56cm frame I believe.



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