Nurse on bike hit by car carrying shooting victims to hospital 10/30/15;-wounded-driver-s...

A 59 year-old St.Francis Hospital nurse, Karen Irene Thomas, just leaving work on her bicycle was hit by a car rushing to carry shooting victims to the hospital in Evanston Thursday night around 10:15pm.

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She was riding on the SIDEWALK when they struck her!

To be fair, the motorist was also a shooting victim and they notified hospital staff that they struck someone near the hospital.

It was also reported that the 22 year-old female shooting victim driving the car felt she was losing consciousness and wanted to make it to the emergency room before she passed out. She ended up misjudging the sidewalk handicapped area for the driveway and sped up and hit nurse Karen Irene Thomas, 59 , sending here flying 20 feet backwards onto the lawn with her leg broken. A strange and unusual situation with panic and irony involved. These victims also felt concerned for their lives that emergency help might not arrive in time and chose to act on their own but added more to this unfortunate situation. Sad.

Yes, it's very sad. I hope that the nurse is able to make a good recovery.

Unfortunately, it's not nearly as unusual as one might think.  The twist here is the cyclist nurse.

Well, that was truly "thoughtful" of them to report the incident.


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