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I'll be out there and wondering who else will be doing the full 100 miles?

I have a few folks I know from other groups that we will be riding together with, and we are looking to keep a decent moving pace (18+) and short-ish stops.  The idea is to finish the entire thing in under 6 1/2 hours.

I saw a few others mention they are riding it but there wasn't a single thread when I searched.  PM me or reply here and I'd be glad to give my contact info out for those that are looking for some company to ride with.  And a good workout!

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Despite the soul-crushing wind during the first 50 miles, THAT WAS AWESOME!

Hats off to Evanston Bike Club - not a single issue over 100 miles, from check-in, to road markings, pit stops, and SAG. Well, well, done!

Now if you excuse me, I have a tub to soak in.
Yes, that was a nice wind! I must have missed you guys at the start. I was there at 6 but ended up eventually starting at about 6:30 and did my first century pretty much solo in just over 6 hours. See you next year :)

Great ride with Christopher C and met up with AM at the end and some other people!

So fun thanks to every one I rode with and met.

Wish I could have been out there today. I hope that everyone had some good times.

It was a real blast. I had a great time too.

It was a blast riding with everyone, made the trip very enjoyable!  And once again Evanston Bicycle club put on a great ride, great food, and great atmosphere.

Hope everyone got home safe and enjoyed a nice hot soak, I know I did!

Head wind was a bit of a challenge and the ominous weather was interesting but over all a great ride. Glad to have caught up to the CL clan in Kenosha! Made the journey one of the best centuries so far!!

Thanks for the motivation everyone!!

Also, thanks to the EBC for all the hard work, the pizza is a great way to cap off the final SAG stop!! 

Evanston Now published a short article on the sunrise start of the NSC ride at Dawes Park.

Between the Captain Nemo turkey sandwiches, the hot McDonalds Egg McMuffins and the tasty pizza, I think I might have gained weight on yesterday's ride...

I had 3 of the 3" turkey & cheese mini-mini-subs, a hot dog, and about a hundred mini cliff bars. 

Can't forget the Potato Soup!! Thinking about the soup got me through the tough windy first half of the ride.

Potato soup! Potato soup! Potato soup!

Between the egg mcmuffins, grilled hotdogs, and fresh pizza, the food is what kept me going after that headwind going up! Lovely riding with a bunch of you yesterday! Hope to see many of you again soon!


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