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North Branch Trail crossing closed at Howard avenue in Niles, IL

On the 13th of August, signs appeared at Touhy Ave. and before the Oakton St. bridge warning that the trail was closed ahead at Howard Ave.

There is currently construction work at Howard Ave which makes it impossible to cross.

You may want to consider this detour as of the 14th of August. It is unclear how long the Howard Ave. crossing will be closed due to construction. You may be able to take Nordica, but construction equipment made it difficult today, and may continue to be a roadblock.

Going North the streets to take are:

Exit the NBT at Fargo and Nordica, go north on Nordica.

Turn Left on Birchwood

Turn Right on Nottingham

Turn Right on Jonquil, walk over the grass and re-join the NBT

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Thanks for the heads up.

I was able to cross Howard directly this past weekend despite the construction. Interestingly, the shelter (bus?) that had been partially built on the north side of Howard just east of the NBT was completely torn down for the construction -- seems like quite a waste/poor planning

Anybody know if this re-opened, or is this an ongoing project?

Yes, it is back open.  No problems getting through.

Cool, thanks Eric.



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