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Tonight I saw a young woman on Lincoln Ave. wearing her helmet backwards, on the back of her head. I take this as a positive sign - another new cyclist in the city! She'll eventually figure it all out, and be one more person in the city who gets it that biking and walking are so much more fun than driving. Ride on, Miss!

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My impression is that helmet design evolved sometime in the nineties so that it became next to impossible to put one on backwards- guessing a new rider with an old helmet.

On Saturday night I saw a woman wearing her helmet the "right" way, although it was tilted extremely far back on her head. Her entire forehead and some of the top of her head were exposed.


We were at a number of red lights together and I kept debating whether to say something. I ended up not saying anything. Maybe that was the right thing--like you say, eventually she will hear someone talk about this issue, so no reason to discourage a new cyclist?

If the magic hat isn't worn in the "right way" all the power of the talisman is released into the ether without protecting the bearer. 

Yeah, this is why I restrained myself.

I also agree with that bikeyface article



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