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New Member Intro - Using Mass Transportation to get to trails (Video)

New to the city and already loving it. My wife and I only have one truck at the moment and it takes me leaving it behind with her to gain permission to get out to the trails. Its been working so far. A true testament to this city's awesomeness.

A little bit about me. I'm originally from Mexico. That's where I build my bike and that's why its kind of out of place out here.

For the past two years I've been finishing up my masters degree in North Carolina.


Now I've secured a finance job out here in the loop and I'm loving the city even more each day. Hope to see you guys out in the trails!

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Beautiful skyline pic with your bike! Welcome to Chicago and the cycling community! There are lots of great mountain biking trails nearby. Let us know if you need any recommendations. 

Much appreciated. I've heard of other spots other than Palos like Andres Bike park, but it dosen't seem to have much mileage on the map. Will check it out eventually. Michigan and Wisconsin have apparently great spots, but I guess getting closer to the winter it will be more practical to stay local and wait out for next summer to venture out, right?

Welcome Marcos! It's your call, but if you stick around long enough on the Chainlink, you'll soon see all kinds of posts from BikeWinter riders, advertising rides both within and outside the city. Mountain bike tires have better-than-average traction in the snow. I'm just sayin'...

There is some unmarked singletrack off the Chicago/Cook County stretch of the Des Plaines River trail.  Probably quicker to just ride out to it than take the CTA.

I've heard about this, but I'm practically in the loop. It seems to be quick train ride on the brown line but not so sure about riding out there from here. Regardless, I'm glad there's options and this city seems to be full of cyclist, so I'm enjoying that.

I've ridden in the snow before in Pisgah National Forest. We'll just have to see if my skills are really up to the task this year haha.

Was going to say the same thing about DPRT singletrack. However taking the blue line out to Cumberland gets you within a mile of the trail and close to a lot of the singletrack. In the picture below the straight line on the left is the trail proper while the wiggle on the right is singletrack. This particular section is a lot of fun and the entrance is about 10-15 feet north of Oakton Ave. The half pipe just after you enter is a blast! 

There is also a fun section of singletrack on the west side of the trail that runs along the river. The entrance is around where Foster Ave would be on a north/south line. 

Thanks! I'll definitely check this out. I used to ride bandit trails back in NC from my apartment and they where some of the best. Hope I can make something work out here for a regular ride.

Local Trails from BOMBEAR MEDIA on Vimeo.


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