On FB, people are complaining about the new concrete... about how it caused a crash (one car rear ended another) - all I have to say is this...

At the 00:14 mark on the video I took this morning, we see car debris (broken brake-light plastic), away from the new concrete curb. There are caution barrels and also a big electronic sign that says "Proceed with caution." If this was ignored by the driver that caused the car crash, then other factors could include looking at a phone, disregarding the caution barrels/sign, or not paying attention.

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Heck, when I worked at the CDOT bike program in the early 2000s, half of us heard about the job openings via Critical Mass!

Let's see how long it will take for the new concrete to get marked or painted. I didn't ride through there this morning, but let's see how the evening rush goes. 

Ah man! that's when I ride the heavy fat bike and nudge the back of the car saying "oops! I think you're on the bike lane."

Seriously. WTF.


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