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We've been running the McDonald's Cycle Center in Millennium Park for over 10 years now and we get requests to open new locations almost daily. If we were to expand in Chicago, where would you like to see another location? Also, what amenities would you like to see?

For more information about our facility in Millennium Park, stop by 239 E Randolph, message us, or head to


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Amenities: shower and secure parking. Locations: Franklin near Adams, thinking of the density of people inside Willis Tower and nearby buildings. Also, LaSalle and Van Buren. Look at the number of bikes parking daily outside the Chicago Board of Trade for indication of the need.

Yep, there's a TON of demand near the Board of Trade. No matter how many bike racks get added, they get filled in the warmer months.

Ogilvie Transportation Center would be great.  If it were exactly the same as the Bike station at Millennium Park, that would be awesome.  

Priority 1 though would be secure indoor parking.

Happy to subscribe, pay monthly fee.

Priority 2 Showers/lockers

Priority 3 Some form of bike shop, pump, mechanic availability

This story in today's Trib: Amtrak plans Union Station makeover

Author is - Jon Hilkevitch - anyone know this person?

Chainlinkers - how can we get our voice heard to include a new Cycle Center location in these plans?
Contacts at Amtrak? Active Transportation Alliance? 

Let's not miss out on this opportunity!

Eric Peterson

I hear 53rd and Lake Park might be a good spot.

Congressional oversight for Amtrak is through the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials of the Transportation and Infrastructure committee. Illinois Congressman Dan Lipinski is a member of the subcommittee. It may be worth contact his office to see if there can be plans for a bike center incorporated into the Union Station renovation project.


A little dated here, but voting for one inside the Loop. The old CPS building was bought and the new owner is going to "modernize" the building. Perhaps they have room for an open to the public bike storage facility.

If only I could convince my office to permit bikers to bring their bikes to their workstations...

Unfortunately, looks like most of the people at the Board of Trade are going away.  No more ¨Trading Places".

Union station FTW. 

It would be smart of the gyms near there (FEC, others) to offer bike parking and/or shower-only pass. Possible partnership opportunities... the main missing link is indeed secure bicycle parking. 

(i just found out willis tower has indoor guarded 'bike valet' parking - so we're lucky... it's very reasonable... but I don't think this is avail to non-building employees) 

Word on the street is there will be an indoor bicycle parking facility associated with a gym near Union Station opening by the end of this year. From what I have heard you have to be an employee of the building at Willis Tower to park there.


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