Need to find a local group to ride with in the burbs.

I have been riding with 2 groups last season. 
I'm looking for more options. I rode with Spokes out of Wheaton.
They are a great group of riders and the routes are fantastic. 
Sometimes the group gets a little large though for me. 
I also rode with Lifetime Fitness. I am not a member of Lifetime Fitness. That being said they want everyone to get a membership of some kind and it is to rich for my blood.

So any groups anyone can suggest?
I'm a "B" Rider so to speak. I can maintain a 17 - 19 Mph pace.
Just need some suggestions.  I looked on the group rides for Chicago.
But that mainly covers the city. 
Anything out in the Burbs? DuPage County? 
Anyone? Bueller???? 


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I found a listing of some groups. 
Most of the information is outdated though. 
Going to do research on Elmhurst and Naperville clubs. 
Was hoping people here had more up to date information or a facebook group. 

You might want to check out the Elmhurst Bike Club. That's a large, active group with a lot of rides.

Downers Grove Bicycle Club, Elmhurst Bicycle Club, Naperville Bicycle Club are all in DuPage County. You can Google any of them.


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