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I have never been able to find specific information about the Flyover project.

It looks great, I am looking forward to riding on it.  We are told it is supposed to be done in "2018."  But when will work begin on phase II, and when will it be complete?  It will be possible to ride on that stretch of the trail after phase II is complete, right? 

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From what I can see of the north end of the flyover the incline is pretty steep. I envision a lot of cyclists getting off their bikes shortly after starting. Not a very safe situation.

It does seem steep; hard to believe that is ADA compliant.  I wonder if people will still have the option of using the sidewalk next to LSD.

I bet there will be so many tourists and lollygaggers on the flyover the main benefit will be to get them off the old sidewalk which will continue as the route for normal commuters. At least in the afternoon.

I hope the flyover is done in time for me to take my wheelchair over it. It really looks like a (half of) a fun bike (/wheelchair) bridge!  But seriously, I've been riding through there several times a week for the last 20 years, and that area is by far the worst danger to cycling of the lake path. 

As per other comments, I'm skeptical it'll be a smooth cycling cruise when completed (as tourists will prevent it from being a quick bypass), but it MUST be better than the current nightmare.

See the article in today's Chicago Tribune.



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