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I have never been able to find specific information about the Flyover project.

It looks great, I am looking forward to riding on it.  We are told it is supposed to be done in "2018."  But when will work begin on phase II, and when will it be complete?  It will be possible to ride on that stretch of the trail after phase II is complete, right? 

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Thank you, but the official web page does not offer any completion dates.

Mark, I think this is still going to be a way off before completion and, to answer your earlier question, because of liability reasons, I'm sure no one will be permitted to use before it is officially opened, just like the 6O6 was handled.

You can email questions to or call 312-464-0241. You can also connect with CDOT on social media: @ChicagoDOT and

I've had mixed results - mostly no results at all asking questions via @ChicagoDOT on twitter.

The entire project should be done during 2018.  Completed sections might be open to walkers using the stairs.

At the end of 2017, it's still not to the Ogden Slip, let alone across the river. I haven't seen any progress at all since spring when some ugly fencing blocking access was replaced by some nicer barriers.

On May 5th, 1961, the first American astronaut reached space.  On May 25th, John F. Kennedy declared that America would send a man to the moon.  On July 20, 1969, a little more than eight years later, that mission was accomplished.

The Navy Pier flyover project began in January, 2014, and is half a mile in length.  At best, it will take half as long for the Navy Pier flyover to be accomplished as it did for America, from its first baby step into space, to land a man on the moon, a distance of over 225,000 miles.  That's beyond pathetic.  And I doubt that the flyover will be completed as soon as promised, either.  We are Devo.      

What's particularly galling to me is the silence.

Why can't the city talk to us? Why can't they tell us what is going on?

If I had to guess, I'd say it has something to do with the big construction project happening next to it, where they're clearing the land.

Yes, looks like some excavation may be about to begin on the site of the future DuSable Park.  This might be to start preparing foundation for the support pillars for the final phase.  Plans also call for the two bridge houses to be hollowed out and run the north-bound path through them, doubling the width of trail across the river bridge. 


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