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Nashbar Maroon Steel 8 Speed Commuter For Sale - sold

Hi, I purchased this bike used a few years ago as a backup bike but I rarely use it. It needs to be set free. Very low miles.

Here is a link to the full specs:

I’m unsure of the exact size but I’m 5’9. Inseam size and clearance is around 31” when standing over the top tube.

It comes with:

  • Brooks saddle w springs and waterproof cover
  • Pinhead locking skewer with key for the front wheel (Comes with the rear wheel locking skewer but it isn't on the bike)
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Steel cable with clamp for extra security for the saddle
  • Water bottle holder
  • Rear rack

I can switch out the handlebars if you prefer straight/ mountain bike style bars. Or some cruiser bars that are more narrow than the ones on it.

Asking $250. Pickup in Avondale near Western and Diversey. 

Give it the full life I didn’t! :)

Link to more photos: 



Mask up!

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Still available?

Hi, it is, but I switched out the handlebars and saddle. It still has the pinhead skewer on the front. Yours for $150.

I can come and check it out this weekend, if it's still available and fits me. I'm just a bit shorter than you

Sounds good. I'll be around most of the weekend.


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