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I should probably have zoomed in to make it less obvious....  

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come on Julie,that's so EZ!!
it's a cool rack though! And yes, this first one was easy.  Anyone else want to play this game?
I wish I knew.  That's a beautiful spot - cool racks, too.
Ok, I give up. Where is it?
It's in Chicago
Isn't that in Lincoln Park?

My entry:

Jackson Park

Evanston near the NWU campus.

Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo Nature Boardwalk.


What do I win? ;)

As good a time for an off-topic rant as any:

It used to drive me nuts when they'd mention Lincoln Park on E.R.

Typically it would go something like this:

"They found her unconscious under the bridge in Lincoln Park."

Can anyone here accurately describe the location of Lincoln Park?

Yeah, there's the park, and there's the neighborhood. Definitely more than one bridge in both, though.


I remember when one of the ER characters said something about being at "the intersection of Clark and LaSalle", and Chicagoans cried foul because those two streets run parallel. In fact, true Chicago geeks knew that the streets eventually do intersect at 1700 north.

It's the southwest corner of the South Pond in the Lincoln Park area near Stockton and Wisconsin.






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