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Past rack locations: 

Bike Rack #1

Bike Rack #2

Bike Rack #3

Bike Rack #4



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The Whole Foods at Roosevelt and Canal may have an equal number of racks.  I haven't counted, but they've got space got a LOT of bikes, and those racks are well used.  They're in a single line along a wall, with video surveillance.  If you haven't been there before, they're between the street-level parking entrance on Canal St. and the store entrance on that level.

Julie Hochstadter said:
I was actually impressed with the number the racks could hold.  Are there any other grocery stores that have that many racks in the city?

Jeff Schneider said:

This has to be one of the worst rack installations ever.  The racks are too close together for the interior ones to be used.

For a company that wants to project a "green" image, this Whole Foods sets a terrible example.  They have *400* car parking spots (indoors) and just a couple of (mostly unusable) bike racks.


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