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First of all, I want to thank all of you for your well wishes when you heard I got my bike stolen.  The bike community honestly is like a family.  All the people who offered help and support, thank you, thank you, thank you.


As some of you know, I'm pretty short, so losing this bike was devastating to me since it's the first bike I've ever owned that actually fit me. I have several other bikes, but none of them fit me like this one does. It's a 39 cm frame with 24 inch wheels.


Now on to the  recovery story....


My bike was stolen Friday afternoon outside my office in Lincoln Park.  No  cut u lock, no signs of the rack being compromised. I honestly thought that maybe I hadn't rode in that day.... but I had my helmet and rain pants so I know I wasn't going crazy.


Immediately I filed a police report over the phone, added it to the stolen bike reg and sent emails to friends.


Yesterday a few people checked out the swap on the s side with no luck.


This morning I headed back there with a couple of friends.


Within 5 minutes I saw the bike, we called the cops and they recovered the bike for me.  No arrests.


My fenders and rack were missing (which had numerous stickers) but besides that, mommy and baby are reunited.

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AMEN to that!!!!

A.K.A Paul said:

It is definately a great day! 


Can I just say what a great bike community we have on the Chainlink?!


I'm glad you got your bike back. It's too bad the bad guys get away scot-free.   Not everyone this guys steels from in the future is going to be so lucky :(


At least this is a learning experience for everyone reading this on what to do for ourselves when we have a bike stolen. I am at least hopeful that there is a good chance that a stolen bike actually CAN be recovered if one puts enough effort into it. 

As some of you know, there are organized efforts to patrol Swap-o-Rama, which is a major (and possibly the major) hub for the fencing of stolen bikes in Chicago. Send me a private message if you're interested in learning more, as this effort can always use more participants.
This is great news, Julie. Pedal on!
Thanks Harry. I hope to be pedaling on for many years to come. You and many others are inspirations.

Harry Wray said:
This is great news, Julie. Pedal on!
Wow! Glad you got your bikie back :)
Congrats on recovering your baby!  I remember how long you looked to find a good quality bike that was a good fit for you.

Julie - Yay! Reunion!

I'm now super-paranoid to park my bike outside anywhere! Glad your diligent searching paid off. I was praying you'd celebrate a reunion.

So glad to hear you recovered your bike so quickly, Julie. Considering how distinctive your ride is and how much good will you have among us Chainlinkers, you should know that if any of us ever sees your bike in anyone else's possession we will wrest it free and return it to you, no matter the risk to our lives and limbs.

Wow, I'm so happy for you, Julie!  What a relief.  I'm sure this story will help others locate their stolen bikes in the future.  I wish I'd know about this bike swap place when my Jamis was stolen three years ago.  


i just saw this - i'm so sorry it was taken but SO happy you got it back! that's amazing news.
I'm still in disbelief that I got it back.


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