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Music... headphones or bluetooth speaker? I stopped wearing the right ear headphone. 

Bluetooth speaker has been good. At stop lights, some people (most) smile and laugh - late 80's / early 90's dance music. Just because. Nothing obscure, just making other riders smile - like when they smiled when they went to a good movie like Life of Pets or whatever their Secret is. 

Anyway - those of you who wear full headphones... BOO on you!

Those who have a bluetooth and people can hear you and the music you like. Good for you! 

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And then we wonder why people hate cyclists huh? I can't blame you, it can be hard when everyone else is in YOUR way. Better yet, get a whistle like this guy ;)


What is your method to alerting others of your presence?

Some times a kind "on your left." Some times a "watch out!" if someone suddenly darts across the way. Some times when a pedestrian or driver is not paying attention I yell "STOP! STOP!" but not angry. 

Very funny video. :)

in a later episode he gets a car and becomes super anti-cyclist

That's even better.

How about a progressively louder series of yo's? yo, Yo, YO, YOOO . . . !

Oh yeah! I've done that as well. 

I did have to do the STOP STOP! to a car that was blowing the red light onto the bike lanes on Dearborn. They did stop short of the crosswalk as pedestrians began to cross. 



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