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Music... headphones or bluetooth speaker? I stopped wearing the right ear headphone. 

Bluetooth speaker has been good. At stop lights, some people (most) smile and laugh - late 80's / early 90's dance music. Just because. Nothing obscure, just making other riders smile - like when they smiled when they went to a good movie like Life of Pets or whatever their Secret is. 

Anyway - those of you who wear full headphones... BOO on you!

Those who have a bluetooth and people can hear you and the music you like. Good for you! 

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Isn't the left ear the one that should hear more traffic noise?

I used to do the one earphone thing - but only to listen to news and such on NPR, but I've gotten out of the habit as I would occasionally find myself losing focus on traffic and focusing on whatever I was hearing from the radio. I reserve the right to take up the practice if I ever go on a tour again.

I have mixed feelings about imposing one's music on others. Sometimes it makes for a happy moment of sharing, but at other times, I've been profoundly bummed by the swearing and the disrespect of the lyrics. If you have to do it, please be mindful of what the effect may be on children and other more sensitive listeners. :)

Mr. Adams, I see what you mean... right ear phone was the only one I'd wear. I had an old earbud set that i only used the right so my left ear was free to listen...

Blue tooth is kept to a descent level. And I don't like music that swears too much. I like to kepe it descent because I have a business to run anyway 

Imposing, understood. Playlists play a big part of the commute. Make friends is better than making none :) 

I find the use of Bluetooth speakers rather dumb and adding to the noise pollution. Want to listen to your choice of music? Fine, but it keep it to yourself.

I use it on the 6O6 to let others know that "I'm on their left". I have it at a reasonable volume and lower/mute it at stoplights. I play all types of tunes. A big +0ne for 80's/90s D.M., House music etc. . . .

My bluetooth speaker (boomotix) is essential for me making it through my commute, I find myself getting pretty bored otherwise. The range of sound really isn't that far and in most situations people are only exposed to it for a matter of seconds since you're on the move. The speaker still allows me to hear traffic, I've personally never really considered headphones as a safe option for city riding. 

As far as 'noise pollution'-- the speaker is a drop in the bucket when living in the city and pales in comparison to the noise, music or otherwise, emanating from cars. Plus like other commenters here have noted, a nice perk is that it's good for alerting people of your presence (and is also good for making shoalers insecure after they've cut you). I think I probably have more laissez-faire ideas about what's acceptable content in terms of music but I do try to be mindful of the songs I choose to play. 

Good. I like the fact that it is not comparable to noise pollution from car tires, car noise, etc.

I do turn the speaker up or down depending on the situation - intersections, talking to someone face to face, or keeping it quiet in a quiet neighborhood. 

Also here, I am mindful of what I play.  

I have a compact bluetooth speaker. Having it fairly close to me means that it doesn't need to be loud to be sound good on the ride.

Speaker for me. It's technically Bluetooth but I actually have it wired to my iPod Classic. :)

I'd never wear headphones: 1) risk of blocking out necessary sounds, and 2) can't fit the helmet with 'em!

Good answer!

Ya know, I just got a cylindrical bluetooth speaker and it might just fit on my bottle cage! I think I'll use it! As an opinion, it doesn't bother me when peeps use their speakers. It's fun! 

This is what I use - an old bluetooth - snaps on to the backpack's shoulder strap. Easy access to turn it down. 

Sometimes I use my earbuds. Sometimes I use my speaker.  Podcasts are easier to hear with earbuds.


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