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Hello.  I've got a couple of mtb frames that need to be built up.  I've been out of cycling for a while and am recently getting back into it and find myself in unfamiliar territory.  Things that were not available when I hit "pause" that are a 'thing' now include: gravel bikes, adventure bikes, hydraulic brakes, anything more than 8-speeds in back, 1X MTB, 2X MTB, 29-er, thru-axles, all these new BB standards, all these new headset standards, electronic shifting, no name a few.  

Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations of parts to build these frames up with, including wheels and fork.

What do you like?  What don't you like? If cost were almost no object what would you do?

I know parts are scarce, but I hope to get these going by summer?

BTW the frames are Mrazek prototypes.  Hardtails. One is carbon, the other aluminum.  BB threads look standard (68mm wide) but the headset looks HUGE, especially the bottom cup.  

Thanks a ton!

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Do you have forks?

I'm more a vintage-ish bike guy than an MTB nut, but my thought would be go high-end period-correct. Chris King for headsets, XTR for the rest. 


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