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A sad run in with nature. As if there isn't enough things to worry about out there.

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here's the attachment

not sure if this will help if you have a blocker on because the link pops a new window:

Please, anyone smarter than me want to add the link to the story. Thanks, Ken

No worries - added to your original message. Saw this earlier today. So awful.

A sad story.  Too bad the two guys didn't stick together.  I wouldn't be surprised if the cougar was either sick or starving.  Terrible all around.  

When I read elsewhere that the cougar weighed 100 pounds, I knew the reason for the attack.  It was in fact starving.  Check out this article:

The cougar was emaciated.  That's why it attacked, out of desperation.  I feel sorry for the cyclists, but I feel sorry for that cougar, too.




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