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Most Chicago intersections named "deadliest" haven't been fixed

CDOT named these the most dangerous intersections in Chicago for cyclists in 2012:

  • Fullerton/Halsted/Lincoln
  • Milwaukee/California
  • Milwaukee/Chicago
  • Chicago/Halsted
  • Damen/Fullerton/Elston
  • Montrose and the Lake Front Trail
  • Milwaukee/Damen/North

Story here.

Only Damen/Fullerton/Elston has really been fixed--which was a huge project.

The rest can be really terrible to ride through. Halsted and Chicago, blech. 3 out of 7 are Milwaukee Avenue.

I love the protected bike lanes. Keep going with those. But focus on fixing bike crash hotspots, too, Chicago. Anyone know if there's hope of these intersections getting fixed?

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Re: Milwaukee/Damen/North, there is a meeting on Tuesday, May 9 "to discuss near-term improvements for people walking, biking, riding transit, and driving at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, North Avenue, and Damen Avenue."

5:30pm at 2009 W Schiller.

Sadly I can't make it, but it'd be great to have some Chainlinkers there to report.

Awesome--thanks for the heads up. I'll try to be there if at all possible.

Hopefully a lot of #bikechi and Chainlinkers attend this meeting. I'm going to be out of town but would love to be there.

I'm not sure I'd consider Damen/Fullerton/Elston fixed.  It's been changed, but I'm not sure all of the changes are for the better for cyclists, at least from my experience riding on Elston.  There are protected lanes but potential conflicts with turning cars at the traffic lights, and traffic tends to move faster.  I imagine Damen would be an improvement over what it was.

Not sure Damen has changed at all around Fullerton/Elston? If anything it's worse now because the northbound cars queue-ing up two abreast at Fullerton actually keep their two lanes for longer than they did, so it's hard to know as a cyclist what to do as you approach Fullerton.

That's sad to hear about Damen, I didn't think northbound could get any worse!

The Damen bike lanes become increasingly narrow as they approach Elston. I'm pretty sure the company that rebuilt that road has no idea what a bike lane is/ was. 

Hopefully the PBL on Elston going northbound is extended at some point, at least past the bottleneck. It is an obvious location for a PBL. The multiple curb cuts are the only disadvantage.

Dang. I guess the project was really for cars, and the bikes lanes an afterthought?


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