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Does anyone here know what the fun bicycle stuff to do is in Minneapolis? What do you recommend for someone who is spending a weekend there?

I found the Minneapolis Bicycle Map, so going for a ride will be easy. CarsRCoffins, Grease Pit, and a few LBS look cool, but I would like to know what those in the know think.

Thanks, Chainlinkers!

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Minneapolis is a great city for biking. I was there in April.

Check out this guy's blog for more:

(There's two parts, the link is for part I)
There are some great designated bike lanes through the downtown area and across the Stone Arch bridge to the north side. I would also consider a ride on the Luce Line Trail which takes you west of downtown. is a link to info. Minneapolis is a beautiful bike friendly city, have fun. Also, check out One on One bike studio on Washington for some eye candy, Walker Art Center, including their sculpture garden, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Franklin for a pleasure filled time. Stop in at The Leaning Tower of Pizza on Lyndale or Grumpy's on Washington and tell them that Matt Clune sent you! They might give you a free drink, or kick you out! Most likely a free drink! Have fun!
There is a nice, pretty relaxed ride (with a breakfast stop) from Hiawatha Cyclery on Saturday mornings. You can find them on the web to find out when it starts and where they are. They're located more or less on the east/southeast side of Minneapolis, not far from the river. I joined them a year ago when my girlfriend and I were visiting for a long weekend. I'd do it again this year but I'm going to CA instead.

Separate from biking, check out Al's breakfast in Dinkytown (on the U or M campus). Get there early. 14 seats and a line waiting to get in. Best pancakes in the city (& darn good eggs, too)
I've been there a few times this summer. My friends took me around the lakes near Uptown. It was really pretty. The neighborhoods south of downtown and a little south of Uptown are really nice for biking. Less traffic and angry people than in Chicago. I didn't get to go on the Greenway, but crossed a bridge above it- It's like this limited access bike expressway going through town. Also there's a bike route that goes along the train from the airport up to downtown, and all kinds of bike paths giving easy access to the suburbs and parks. Aside from the weather I think it's a much better city for biking than Chicago is. I hope you have a good time!
Grew up there and one must: Matt's Bar at 3553 Cedar Avenue South.

All of the city lakes connect by bike trail! If you have time, bike to Minnehaha Falls; these are all in the city; also Walker Art Museum (is ok).

And I second Jared's sit.

Have fun!
I visited Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend this year for two reasons: To ride the Midtown Greenway multi-use path, and to ride the Hiawatha light rail train.

As Jared linked above, I wrote about my trip on my blog.
I uploaded some of the photos I took on my Flickr.

There are bike trails on both sides of the Mississippi River. The Midtown Greenway connects to the west side trail. The west side and Hiawatha trails go south to Minnehaha Park and falls. The Midtown Greenway also connects to the trails that go around some lakes (Lake of the Isles among others).

I rented my bike at the Midtown Bike Center at 10th and Chicago Avenues on the Midtown Greenway.

There's also the Hiawatha trail that parallels Hiawatha Avenue and the light rail and connects the Midtown Greenway to (almost) downtown. Downtown has many attractions (I think the nightlife is in the warehouse district, but other areas not downtown have nightlife, too) and bike lanes.
Thanks guys! Looking forward to a ride in the SNOW tomorrow!



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