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When asking around, I heard these three candidates are some potential good bike-friendly options:




Let's use this thread to discuss, bring in articles, quotations, and proof of bike-savviness. Cool?

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I'm not the one who has been jumping to personal attacks because someone dares posts opinions on a topic on a  forum and tries to have a discussion. 

"Personal attacks"?? Seriously?

Spring fashion tip: Victimhood is never a good  look.

Yes personal attacks. You asked me how old I am, you said I'm full of BS, I need to get over myself, everything besides the issues. It's funny since you were the one confusing an analogy with a logical fallacy while resorting to ad hominems, at least when you werent simply scoffing.

Scoffing? Why, yes. Because, although I read you as "earnest", based on the way you have carried on and on, I can't really take you all that seriously. And because you seem to take yourself so seriously, one of my reactions was "get over yourself." Did this really diminish you?

 I "called BS", if you recall, way back when, in response to your "calling BS" on Lightfoot -- which was based on a false dichotomy. And there's the root of it.

Sheesh! And you were wrong then too. 

Hah, just scoffing and giving short conclusory retorts is so much easier than giving reasoned arguments. I see why you make it such a habit. 

And is conclusory your vocabulary word for the day or is it the secret word?  Now you all know what to do when anyone says the secret word, right? SCREAM REAL LOUD!

And for what it's worth, a false analogy IS a logical fallacy. Just so there's no confusion.   

Er, could not care less, that is (regarding the Ricketts, the Second City Cop, or other Trumpeters.) How careless of me!

I realize we can't necessarily judge a book by its cover, but do you really think the African American lesbian who had a family member killed by the KKK was going to challenge Rahm Emanuel from the right? Lightfoot entered the race on 5/10/18, while Emanuel didn't withdraw until 9/4/18.

A quick look at her website would have shown you she isn't publicly taking positions that would be appealing to "the Trump leaning crowd".

As for the Ricketts, Laura Ricketts supported Susana Mendoza while Tom Ricketts, like most wealthy white businessmen, supported Bill Daley.  Here is an article in the Sun Times from 1/31/19.  I don't know where you get they are supporting Lori Lightfoot.

Touche on the Ricketts endorsement clarification.

I think most would agree that the two candidates are substantially similar on most of the issues so the differentiator for some, like me, are who is relatively more liberal. I lean to the liberal left.

As I said, from what i can gather Lori is seen as the lesser of evils to the Trump leaning crowd, and I think that's for a reason. Her base is a bit more white and affluent and north side. And she seems to have more of that prosecutor "tough on crime" mentality versus "let's look at the economic contributors of crime".

Theres also a lot of questions regarding how tough she really is on police accountability, as pointed out in the article I posted and other articles.

The lurker in this election IS another Daley -- John Daley. Despite the obituaries being written regarding the Daley dynasty, John could very conceivably become the next Cook County Board President if Toni is elected/bumped over to the City Hall side. He has been waiting in the wings, serving as a Cook County commissioner since 1992.



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