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I'm all kinds of crabby. Tired of being cold. Tired of not being able to feel my face. And desperate for some sunshine. Things that have added to my mood?

1. Able-bodied pedestrians hogging the elevator (I am required to use w a bike) when I JUST missed it (making me wait 5 more minutes in the cold) and no one moved to reopen the doors. After I wished I had yelled, "You are all going to HELL!" but alas, that's a little too mean for me.

2. The elevator at my arrival station broken and wouldn't open on my floor so I had to go up one floor and carry my bike down the stairs.

3. I can't feel my face!

4. My hands are cold 95% of the day. 

5. My CORE IS COLD!! (Kramer reference)

6. "Well-meaning" but nosey individuals that tell me I can't bring my bike on the Metro (oh yes, I can and I WILL)

7. Pedestrians with their noses in their phones that walk in front of me and my bike

8. Motorists. 'nuff said.

9. The freshly smushed rat I had the sad displeasure of nearly stepping on this morning when leaving the station.

How about you? Anything making you all kinds of crabcakes? 

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86 degrees! on your Washington's monument thermometer! It's hot as hell there. Oh, that's SATAN'S PLACE ! :-D

Oh, be mistaken. I am wearing a rather thick sweater right now - I am in Chicago. Washington Monument is a souvenir from my last trip to D.C. It is stuck at that temperature since I got it. 

As a Master Lord in time travel and the para-abnormal, I considered jumping back in time to get a refund or an exchange, but I like it like that. 

Your monument thermometer sounds aspirational. 

wait a second! Did you meet CLP IRL??!?!?!?

Who, Tom?

yeah, he has the chainlink pin with a troll so I thought maybe...

oh! hee hee!

Ernesto IRL?!  Tom IRL?!

clp IRL?!

thanks for this distracting discussion but I still don't feel warm enough

I think you got your $$ worth out of that tire, Tom!


Splintsville ! Yup ! It didn't look that bad in October. I used it hard enough on my short distance winter beater MTB. The salt and cold dry weather finished her off !  Maybe I could put a dollar bill in there and  . . .  :-/

What's happening when I ride for at least an hour in 28-40 degree weather and I feel comfortable during the ride with just a base layer, balaclava, and bar mitts, but 5-10 minutes after I go into a warm apartment I can't stop shivering?  Happened again last night after a 90 minute ride.


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