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I used to work at Experimental Station and can confirm: Blackstone is the BEST.

So great to see just about everyone posting the video all over social media. :-)

Can't get enough of this. Between Blackstone and Bikes 'n Roses, it seems like youth education focused bike shops might just save the world. Have to make it down there sometime. They put out a call a while back for parts for cross racing, and I have some brakes I need to give them. 

Hi Claire, Yasmeen and Chucko - thanks for the love!

We were down at the Bike to Work Week Bike Rally this morning, so keep your eyes out for our live performance of "Stay In Your Lane" on @blackstonebikes.

Please do come and visit - we will have two new Senior Interns and five Junior Interns when we reopen for the Summer program on the 27th, so come see them in action teaching and fixing bikes!

The energy at Blackstone is through the roof and we a poised to have the best Summer ever! We are doing alot around the physics/engineering of bikes and hope to produce at least one bike-powered device (ala Working Bikes!). My vote is to power a blender so we can make smoothies. 

As always, we are looking for great volunteers to work with youth or help out our mechanics (Tuesday-Saturday). We do also need parts for our fleet of racing bikes (mostly cyclocross) and I can share specifics. We are looking to place two youth in paid Externships at other shops or bike related agencies this Summer and another two this Fall. Lastly, we are looking to hire one additional instructor for the Summer and here is the link to the job description.

Even if you don't make it down here, we so so so appreciate the positivity and support!



Here is some video from this morning!


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