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LOST- GoPro Hero2 in headstrap (DePaul Center/Dearborn-Jackson)

I lost my GoPro Hero2 camera in it's headstrap and case this afternoon (Tuesday, 9/17) at about 2:30pm. I either accidentally hanging on my handlebars as I walked away or dropped it in either 1 or 55 E. Jackson.

If anybody came across it, I can provide a description of the most recent video on the memory card. Thank you!

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Did you talk to the desk staff at 55?  They're usually helpful after you show an ID...

I did. They were sympathetic and helpful, but nobody had turned it in.

Hopefully someone turned it in. Did you check with public safety across from the elevators at 1 E? Or potentially the Barnes and Noble staff?

I did. No luck, unfortunately.


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