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I really like wearing a helmet and these new ones seem to offer some nice features:

I really like the idea of the integrated visor. I often ride in a forward (drop bar) position so I find myself looking up with my eyes (leaving the head somewhat down). When I do I find I'm looking over my glasses and below the edge of the helmet. With this visor going all the way up and over the edge of the helmet I'd still be looking through the visor and retaining that advantage (add - vantage, literally!).

The Star Pro lets you close a vent to keep out cold and wet so that is a another plus.

The minuses are the:

  • cost (I can afford it but only if it actually is better)
  • looks (I'm already looking pretty dorky out there)

Anyone tried these? Any other recommendations?

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I moved away from Giro helmets (I love their shoes and other products though) because the connectors on my helmet are plastic and easily disconnected after less than a year. They may have addressed this - it was a few years ago. The Giro was about the same price point as my Kask but the straps on the Kask are stronger material and solidly connects to the helmet. I also love the look of Kask. I recommend going to your LBS and checking out how sturdy the components are for the helmets and trying them on (some fit differently than others). 

I like the view of your smart phone in the reflection of the visor.

BTW, cool looking bike in your avatar!

thanks for the input, I am hoping to get a helmet with a shield visor

Ha! Great pics. That helmet looks great. :-)



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