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Looking for tandem with short stoker position--on a budget! Need it yesterday!

Hi All:


Can anyone recommend a tandem for a a mom and adorable 5 year old girl?  We have a wee-hoo trailer that is too hard for mom to pull, and dad has a heel spur currently:(.  Looking for a good value also.  Our little one is about 42 inches tall.    Mom wants to get her out on the trail, and be able to let dad sit home and prop up his foot/watch football.  Any ideas??  nothing is a bad idea.

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Call Village Cycle Sports in Elk Grove Village. They rent tandems, and they may rent a Co-Motion Periscope which might work

The tandem is going to be as hard to 'pull' as the Wee-hoo and more difficult handling.

Give Working Bikes in Pilsen a call. I know they have recycled tandem(s) for sale but not sure if they accommodate shorties. Perhaps they could give you suggestions on other places to look too. 

A used Bike Friday Family Tandem?  Unlikely to find one by yesterday.

Keep in mind the "kid back" adapter shown here: for raising the cranks to the needed height for short legs

Most cost effective would just be to add a tag-along bike to one that the mother already has.  Many are small enough for a 5 year old and trail riding on it wouldn't be a big deal.  Personally, I find the wee-hoo's to be somewhat heavy in comparison and I don't particularly like riding with trailers/tagalongs on city streets.

Best tandem around for that size child is a Bike Friday tandem.  Hard to find used though and not necessarily cheap.  Occasionally long tails come up on craigslist at a reasonable price.  You are still towing the child but it's not quite the same as in a trailer or tagalong.  I am short and have no difficulty pedaling my two children on one - ages 3 and 7.

There are some ideas to look at in a Chicargobike post. Small kids aren't going to pedal much so you can just bolt a footrest onto the frame and let them sit happily, without worrying so much about traffic seeing them.

Also, many places with tandems don't keep them on the showroom floor due to space but they have them in a warehouse or out back.

I really like the tandem for my kids and they seem to like the part about not having to pedal. 

Suzi- have you considered a long bike?  We have a Yuba Mundo and my 5 year old sits stoker behind me (my 3 year old is in a seat behind her.)  She doesn't help pedal, but it's MUCH easier on me than pulling the trailer was.  It isn't a cheap option, but we love ours so much I had to throw it out there.  There are a few options out there, including the xtracycle, boda boda, surley, kona, etc. Good luck!

For those suggesting Trailer bikes or Trail-a-bike attachments, just be aware that they are HARD to tow for smaller riders.  I am a big strong hulking woman and I could barely ride with my daughter on the back because it made my bike steering so wonky.

A couple of suggestions...

1.  Get a long tail bike.  The Yuba Boda Boda is designed to carry children and stuff while still acting like a "regular" bike.  It even fits on bus bike racks!

2.  Take your regular bike and modify it to carry someone.  I use a heavy duty Old Man Mountain bike rack with two Detours grocery panniers to carry my daughter around. We use a small tube pillow that I got for $5 or a roll of paper towels to provide a bit of comfort. She's now 10 and I *still* ride with her on the back.

Thanks so much, this is why I LOVE our cycling community.  and Jane, that picture is wonderful.  I may go with this option here, found online.  Seems the rear position is very low.  I think we may wait now for the warmer weather, though for long rides, but I forsee a few test rides to school!   Question: Does the 15.5" stoker size seem low enough for a kid who is about 42" tall?

This is for sure going to be me and my kids some day so thanks for asking this question.

Mom wants to get her out on the trail, and be able to let dad sit home and prop up his foot/watch football.

Julie, do you want the one I posted?  If so, they don't have a lot left and I am have only been able to find one resource for it!!!!  I think I have to buy now, not that I want to, but it may not be around much longer.  Just so you know in case you want it now.  I plan to keep it forever:)


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