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Can anyone recommend a bike shop in Hyde Park that can help a 'returning' cyclist pick a bike suitable for commuting?



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Check in with:

Things are in flux right now but it is worth getting to know them and what they suggest at the moment.

Not much in the way of local options here, Larry. In addition to Blackstone Bicycles (Experimental Station) there is Small Shop, Cottage Grove at 43rd, which is a good resource -- but I understand that currently, like most bike shops, supply chain issues have them with severely limited inventory. Check their website for current hours and up-to-date info. J at Tamago (1451 E. 57th Street) is a prince, but is only seeing people via appointments.

Small shop also requires appointments for sales and posts their available inventory on Instagram  

Thank you, both.  I appreciate the leads.

Just curious how this all turned out Larry.  Did you score a new ride at any of these places, or elsewhere, Craig's List, etc.? Some Craig's List stock here.  Can't vouch for any of it directly, just FYI.

The inquiry was for a Learn To Ride student, a 35 yo woman who has not been on a bike since she was in 6th grade.   Last time I spoke with her she had decided to take a lesson or two before buying a bike of her own.  She registered for a lesson about 2 weeks back, but it has not been scheduled yet.  

I'll pass on the craigslist link.  Thank you for following up.


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