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OK, long story short, I have dental but my HMO primary guy WON'T ANSWER MY DARN CALLS.  So I have to switch docs and then wait till they get the noticed I chose them....which isn't until sometime in July.....and my tooth is crack because I didn't cap a root canal 10 years ago.

Ok, lay on me for not getting the crown when I should have, I'll wait.....

Anyway, hoping that perhaps someone has a dentist that will do the work for cheap and on a payment plan (cash) since I don't know if I can buy the temp filling stuff at Walgreens for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  My wife just gave birth to our second and she had to have an emergency c-section so we are enjoying our medical bills this year (the tax write-off will be worth it).  So we are trying to be as frugal as possible but this tooth thing is bugging me.  No pain much but the temp filling stuff tastes turrible (in the words of Sir Charles Barkley) and it is a pain to redo every couple of days.

Hoping someone has a lead to a dentist.  If I have to wait and keep filling the root canal hole I will, just a hassle.

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check out Loyola School of Dentistry. Sorry I don't have a link or a number; but you will get great treatment done by future grads supervised by excellent dentists.


usual disclaimer : I have no affiliation with the above organization or individuals

I think UIC has a dental school that you might be able to use as well.

I'll have to check those out.  Emailed them so we will see.

Funny you should ask that here.  At a full moon event at Gannons a couple of moons ago I overheard our fearless leader Julie mention her dad does posts.  I had a tooth that needed to be removed and replaced.

I called, scheduled an appointment and had the tooth removed and will have a post done in 90 days.

They were great from day one.  I never had any pain. Everyone in the office was wonderful.  

Here is their info 

Bruce E. Hochstadter

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

4905 Old Orchard Centre

Suit 229

Skokie, IL 60077


Yes, UIC has a clinic. Some folks I know have used it for an affordable option.

S said:

I think UIC has a dental school that you might be able to use as well.

dunno about payment plans and all that since my insurance picks up most of the cost, but I've had tons of dental work Dr Setty and Nasif are downtown and awesome -


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