Who are your favorites? Why?

Full disclosure: We have three shops that support The Chainlink race team and ambassadors - Boulevard Bikes, Turin, and Tailwind Cycles

I must admit, coming to D.C., I haven't found a local bike shop I'm super comfy with yet which made me think - if I was new to Chicago, I'd be in the same boat. So let's make it easy on people by sharing our thoughts on Chicago's local bike shops (I may be biased, but I think they are some of the best and most welcoming IMO).

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Thanks! Her mane is Gabi. She rides around 3500 miles a  year with me on the lakefront. I average around 100 miles a week year 'round. That picture was Gabi in her St Patrick's day beads.

+1  Dan is a master of troubleshooting and creating a part if necessary.

Blue City Cycles in Bridgeport has been great to me every time I stop by. 

Blackstone Bicycle Works, West Town Bikes, & Comrade Cycles are some other favorites of mine. 

On the faaaaar south side:  

In the Beverly area, Beverly Bike and Ski has been around about 80 years—with good reason. Great bike shop for service (very reasonable prices) and a decent selection of bikes ranging from serious road bikes to snow bikes, kids bikes and low step through options.  I’ve always been treated well there.  

At 1908 W Chicago avenue, I really like Comrade Cycles.  Super great option for repairs, work on Bromptons and odd little accessories.  

Far northwest side, Cosmic bikes has an amazing selection of commuter bike options, including lots of Brompton folders and Brompton gear.  This is a large, open and beautiful shop that is very fun to browse around as there are many cool gadgets, panniers, bells, etc.

And if you need a wheel built, check out Yojimbo’s.  They are a hard to find shop, but dang! An Outstanding knowledge of bikes!

I have to dissent on Blue City Cycles. That's my neighborhood shop, and we've used them since they opened to support a local business, even for simple stuff that I can do myself. They've gotten extremely lackadaisical, and I'm not going back.


Most recently, they did a half assed job tuning up a bike for my wife. I gave them a second chance to make it right, but they did only a slightly less half assed job and I ended up having to finish the job myself.  Such a waste of money.

Tailwind Cycles on Montrose is great. The focus is on service and making sure your bike comes out of the shop in great condition. I have challenged them with a vintage bike other shops refused to work on. Great bunch of guys!


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