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I stumbled upon this backpack as I was roaming the internet. It looks really nice and I love that it has a very useful organizational pocket. Seems like almost all similar rolltops lack organizational compartments. I'm curious if anyone on here has ever used their bags or knows more about them. I'm currently eyeing the "Peloton Asphalt Rolltop". It looks like its a very versatile bag with up to 48L of volume. Other bags I'm currently comparing it to are the Mission Workshop Vandal and the Timbuk2 Especial Tres.

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I really like the look of it. Do you have a lot of stuff to carry? I've been using a North St. bag which fits about 1 bag of groceries.

well I need something I can use to commute to work in and be able to carry an extra set of clothes + shoes and my laptop occasionally. I'd also like a bag I can use to take to the grocery store with me. I was leaning toward the Timbuk2 Especial Tres. I'll have to check out North St. Bags. I haven't looked at those.

Stumble no more. Bag Collector has a pretty exhaustive list of links to bag makers (active and inactive). the Vandal is a pretty sweet bag, though. These days volume is king for me, if I need organization, i'll throw a separate sleeve in the bag. Roadrunner's Large and Anything bags and Banjo's large commuter have been on my radar in thoughts for new bags. 

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm really diggin the Roadrunner Anything bags!

Oh, and in case you didn't see this post. A fellow Chainlink-er is selling a Vandal



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