The Chainlink there a reliable source for the latest updates on construction on the Lakefront Trail?? I couldn't find anything on the Chicago Park District web site. There was a mention on their Facebook page a few weeks ago that there would be construction, but that's about it.

Googling didn't help.

I thought for sure there would be something here, but I wasn't able to find anything...

I knew about the construction happening between Foster and Argyle -- until I found out the hard way this morning that it was done and moved, so I managed to take partly an alternate path and partly just the grass adjacent to the construction fencing (I hate doing that) around the closure between Lawrence and Montrose.

I had heard on the news that construction would start on the north end and work its way south...what I never heard was that concurrently there'd be construction between Diversey and Fullerton...ughhh....found that out the hard way this morning, too...I think I had to deal with an additional 30 minutes on my commute to work...

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Two weeks later, I've accidentally started another thread on basically the same complaints, because the problem are still glaring.  A friend described it as "completely tone-deaf to the path's users".

Today was terrible. Heading south, there's a stretch of construction maybe around Irving Park Road. After the stretch I get back on my bike (I'm NOT riding through the grass again after what happened to my bike last week), build up acceleration, and see....MORE construction just getting into eyesight....walk my bike past that, and THERE'S YET EVEN MORE BEYOND THAT.

WTF?!?!? THREE construction spots within feet of each other!!! It's freaking MADDENING!!!

Well, we only have 2 seasons in Chicago- Winter and Construction.

So when do you think they will install tollbooths along the LFT? I'm guessing when they open the Navy Pier flyover.

This morning (8/2/16) the path was still closed just south of the parking lot entrance at Addison, for a short stretch. Sandbags were already laid out just south of that for what looks like the last segment needing resealing. After that, I think the work on the path from Fullerton to the north will be done.

But now fences are up south of North Ave Beach until just north of Oak Street. Easy detour, with somewhat rough surface, on the pavement next to the lake.

Just when I think this pavement painting project has gotten as bafflingly bad as it could be, they up the ante.  Today's blockage at north avenue leaving thousands carrying their bikes through sand for blocks seems like they're actively fucking with us.  For the first time I had to tweet a photo in dismay, which lead me to find that the best way to get lots of daily info on this project is by monitoring the #chilft hashtag like so:

Yeah, that was NOT fun dragging my bike through the sand for two blocks. I was about to fork off to the right (heading south) until I saw a couple of people pop out of there with their bikes who said it was blocked on that side....argrghhgh...

That sucks. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't ride today. I'll be sure to take Clark for a few days, or get off LFT at Fullerton.

Is someone from Active Trans transmitting feedback to #ChiParks people? This annoying project has been going on for a month or so. You'd have thought by now they would have realized that the people actually doing the work either aren't bike people or haven't been bringing their "A" game (or both).

If this sort of no-warning blockage was to happen to automotive traffic I suspect their heads would have (figuratively) been mounted on pikes by now. Is it too late to get the relevant aldermen involved (they being the people with the figurative pikes).

Based on what I saw Friday I was afraid they were going to do something like this and didn't ride to work. That and it was 75 at 8 AM which is never a good sign, anyway.

Sounds like they cut off the path that was an option after the storm last year.

I thought Andrew was referring to a stretch further south, near North Avenue. If this is up by North Ave, I'd hope they don't already need to close it. They just completed it in the spring. :-)

The trail was covered all the way down to North Ave from Fullerton, so this little single track went the whole distance. That whole section will be trouble to re-pave since there isn't much of an alternative without going to the other side of LSD. Then again there are no signs or warnings until you come to the closed bit so you can't plan an alternate route until it's too late.

Construction schedule for this weekend posted to social media about 40 minutes ago, about a day later that they should have posted it.


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