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There was some sort of accident at Lawrence and the LFP this afternoon.  Female rider, was not wearing a helmet, and was out-cold on the pavement.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and post any information any of you might happen to find.

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Correction, sometime this evening, approx 18:45.
Is "LFP" Lakefront path?
I always hate to hear about incidents like this. I hope she's able to make a full recovery.
The LFP has been crowded the last couple of days (due to the weather). I ride it after work from Monroe up to the Uptown/Andersonville area. I've had a couple close calls already with bikers (a near head-on accident today) passing slower bikers/runners. A lot of people are being really impatient and making gutsy passes. I passed through before this happened. Hopefully she is okay.


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