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Yesterday's crash - read on.

More crashes are expected.

I did see my good amount of headphones, ignored "on your left" because of people either blasting music too loud in their ears, or not understanding what it means. 

Also, if one is going north bast Belmont, that yellow line makes it all too confusing to those who are not experienced. Was painted without connecting properly. 

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Belmont and Montrose are horrible! Then the area around the Totem and Tennis courts!

I predicted this last year it will continue to be more dangerous than it was when everyone shared one path. Combine that with the Sponsered spandex guys trying to shave 40 seconds of last years imaginary 100 k and you get crashes.

There are 2 seperate paths that have joggers, walkers, skaters, stroller Moms in them and then the people so confused they're walking down the middle.

Complete disaster and they've been working on the trail for the past 4 years.

what a waste of time and money

"stroller Moms"

Way to generalize - why not include stroller: Dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, nannies, grandma, Jim, Sharon, accountants, mechanics, etc.

I am kidding! So very kidding. Saying this because one time I mentioned "soccer moms" when I lived in Highland Park and some person who I no longer talk to (thankfully!) berated me about generalizing. Yet, this person was so racist, and happens to be a teacher with minorities. 

The Gaggle of Teenage girls too!

Walking 4 wide all staring at their phones texting each other as the walk. 

When you see this, this is what you should do....


Just scream like a crazy person approaching them in either direction. Worked wonders for me last summer when I was riding on the stretch between Museum Campus and the Chicago Tri transition. The amount of freakout was 100%! 


Your handle is so exclusionary. Why only Ernesto? What about Heraclio, Plino, Ovidio, Faraon? Not to mention Ernesta. 

Why! porque asi me nombraron mis padres.

Y porque David, y no David?

Porque en e'ta vida, 'toy David, ah? Y eso es decir nada de porque Lube y no tambien Adjust


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