La Grange Park to Waterford, WI- Looking for advice on my first century.

 This Saturday, I'm going to ride my first century with a friend to from La Grange Park to the Lake Tichigan area near Waterford WI.  We are taking the Salt Creek Trail to the IPP to the Great Western Trail to the IPP Elgin branch to the Fox River Trail to the Prairie Path all the way to Genoa City, WI.  From there it's county roads to Burlington and the Seven Waters Trail almost to Wind Lake and a few back roads to my Mom's house.  I have ridden the first 40 miles of the route to Carpentersville and the last 25 miles from Slades Corners to Lake Tichigan, but I haven't been able to scout the 35 miles from Carpentersville to Powers Lake.  I know that the Prairie path gets a bit hilly around McHenry and that the pavement ends at Ringwood, but I'm told the path remains rideable after that. If anyone has any info or tips about this part of the route or about surviving a century in general, I'd appreciate it.  I've done a couple of metric centuries this year and an eighty miler, so I think I can do it physically.


We are also doing this as fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief.  If you don't know about them, you should check them out.  You can donate to our ride here.

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South wind tomorrow!


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