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Knickerbakken will be at 2017 Chicago Winter bike swap. Buy my flatfolio™!

Hey Chainlinkers!  Just reminding everyone that tomorrow is the 2017 Winter bike swap at Jak’s Tap (info on Events page).  I will be there selling my Knickerbakken flatfolio™, a stylishly ingenious way to carry everything you need to fix a flat for any style bike (quick release or bolt-on axle).  If you’re like me and have several different bags you use for your commute/recreational ride, you can quickly toss the flatfolio™ from one bag to the other, never forgetting anything necessary.  No more ripped Ziploc bags or tools lost to the black depths of your bag’s own pockets.  The flatfolio™ will tuck into small spaces, laptop sleeves, and the front pockets of many of today’s common popular messenger bags and backpacks.  It is wedge shaped to go in your bag easily, snap enclosure so no fussy straps or obnoxious Velcro that will wear out, and will take up less space in your commuting bag than a conventional tool roll.


I’ve made several different styles, shown here is one of my Chicago flag series.


Come on down and check them out.  Whatever doesn’t sell at the swap will be going up on Etsy  after the weekend but your best price and the chance to meet me, the maker, will be tomorrow at Jak’s tap.  Support your local, independent everything!  Hope to see you there!












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Looks great! How much?

so cool!


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