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Hopefully you've heard by now that CDOT will begin construction this week on the city's first protected bike lane: Kinzie Street from Milwaukee Avenue/Desplaines Street to Wells Street. 


Full story on Steven Can Plan. 


I want to know what you think about this.

  • What do you feel will need special attention?
  • Is this the right or wrong location for such a facility? Why?
  • Are you going to thank/congratulate Rahm, Gabe, and the CDOT Bicycle Program?
  • Will you use it?


Cycle track and protected bike lane naysayers, this isn't the post for you. But if you've ridden in protected bike lanes before, then I welcome your constructive comments and criticism based on your actual experiences. 

Big intersection

The new beginning. Looking southeast at the intersection of Kinzie/Milwaukee/Desplaines. 

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I saw NBC filming today at the Kinzie bridge at around 4:45. It looked like Ben Seligman was riding across the bridge in a "posed" shot. 

Active Transportation Alliance said:

Heads up, Chainlinkers, NBC5 interviewed us today about the protected bike lane, the story should air Friday on the 10pm news.

I'll bet they use CGI to make Ben helmetless and riding with no hands in the wrong direction, balancing a 24-pack on the handlebars.
Whatever happened to those plates that were supposed to cover the metal grates on the Kinzie street bridge?

They're to be installed THIS week.

vxla said:

Whatever happened to those plates that were supposed to cover the metal grates on the Kinzie street bridge?
Looks like an accurate representation of what I see every morning on the protected bike lane-run 4 stop signs, 4 stop lights and fail to yield the right of way to cars and pedestrians. Should be a short-lived experiment in bicycle infrastructure.

Travis Kluska said:
Yep a car parked in the lane, a wrong way cyclist and people thinking it's an extension of the sidewalk. Personally I prefer city traffic. It's crazy but you have room to move.

Travis Kluska said:
I was driving down Kinzie the other day (yes, I also have a car) and saw a lot of people just walking down the bike lane like it was a sidewalk, especially by Merchandise Mart where there's no sidewalk on the south side of Kinzie. Ugh.
ya, i saw at least 11 infractions here by cyclists

Travis Kluska said:
I hope cycling advocates aren't so in love with the idea of this sort of infrastructure that they can't admit it isn't working. (I rode it once and thought it was scary as hell.)
But there were cars and pedestrians present in the video, and I didn't exactly see yielded or even slowing down at the vast majority of intersections -- even with red lights and cross traffic.  It has been discussed to death here, but there is a difference between an Idaho stop and completely ignoring all traffic control.
Protected lanes are a good idea, but I think it's pretty clear that this particular setup isn't working as intended. Ideally you'd have a lot of trial runs with different set ups to see what works. I tend to think you need to actually raise a curb on the left side of the lane to communicate to drivers that it's a no go zone, but different markings might do the job as well.

You are quite the self-righteous cyclist. Demand more and better facilities for cyclists, but refuse to reciprocate by treating other traffic participants with respect.

From your post on Active Trans' fb page. Italics are mine:

"I generally stop if there are cars or peds present, but usually treat a red light or stop sign like a yield sign if there is nothing present. Maybe this is wrong but its hard for me to follow all the rules of the road when they are so oriented around car travel. I would stop a lot more if intersections better reflected bicycle use with lights and more designated lanes."

So now we have a protected bike lane on Kinzie, yet you feel justified to continue your reckless riding style. (See 11 documented traffic infractions)

(disclaimer: Personally I never made it past 2:29  here you nearly hit the construction workers that are attempting to cross the intersection at Kingsbury and instead of stopping, you end up hopping onto the sidewalk. At that point I couldn’t stand the self-righousess anymore)


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