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Has anyone seen these around town? I saw this one on Clark at Randolph this morning (11/2/17). This is the first I've seen. Are they going to be competition for Divvy? I was on my own bike so I didn't really check it out to see if it can be rented. It was locked to the rack with a built-in lock.

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The website says they're only in DC and San Francisco. The DC site has more info:

They're e-bikes.  When you're done you have to lock them to a rack. No indication if sign posts are ok, but they prohibit using trees. They also say you can't use them on off-street bike paths

i wonder if that's the same one that zipped past me the other night in lincoln square...

didn't think much of it at first (although that plastic basket bounces and makes a lot of noise), then realized i was moving at a pretty good clip and the rider passed me with ease.

I emailed them and got this response:

Thank you for reaching out to us.  We have not opened a JUMP network in Chicago at this time.  There were bikes in the city for the launch of Equiticity.  You can learn more about the event here:

Thank you for your interest in JUMP.

Best Regards,
The JUMP Team

I'm pretty sure I saw one today in the private park which the Park District maintains for the residents of the S Plymouth Court community, the park know as Dearborn Park.

Your kidding right? Dearborn Park is a public park, just as 9th Street is an open public city street despite what the signage at 9th and State falsely claims.

The subdivision around it is also known as Dearborn Park.

Cool! Thanks for sharing.  I think the following excerpt from this interesting article speaks to my complaint about the "private" nature of the park(s) in this area:

Again, I am drawn to a small space at the Southwest corner of the Phase II parcel called Roosevelt Park.  This attractive 1.4 acre park, with three tennis courts and a running track, is visible from the elevated portion of Clark Street up by the Target on Roosevelt Road, but it takes some dedication to actually get to it in person! (emphasis added)

It must take some dedication indeed!

Facetious, yes.  That sign bugs the crap out of me every time i ride by it.

Once in a while I get an urge to either complain about it and hopefully get it removed, or just remove it myself. Then I have this counter-thought that perhaps it reduces motor vehicle traffic around our "secret" Plymouth route and I talk myself out of doing anything about it. :)

Pretty sure I saw two people riding them toward the end of last week.

there was just a TON of coverage about how this is going down on Streetsblog, link: 

"To address this, the group is partnering with the dockless electric bike-share company Jump Mobility, which sponsored the launch event, to bring 100 bikes to North Lawndale, a predominantly Black, LMI neighborhood on the West Side, by April. “For now, we have five Jump bikes on the ground in Chicago to seed to community stakeholders, so they can experience them before the launch,” Reed said."

I'm sure reaching out to Oboi might also garner some additional intel, but pretty self explanatory.

Interesting. I haven't seen any Jump bikes, but I know that Ofo dockless bike sharing is coming to at least one south side neighborhood.



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